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Tillon is a talented group of friends. We love working together to make extraordinary things happen for our partners. We bring a collective of exceptional experience from industry along with our deep technical expertise to deliver brilliant results.

Toby Bassford 
Founder & Managing Director

It’s Toby’s personal mission to ensure that teams and organisations always reach peak performance. He is the Group Managing Director with a primary focus on ensuring outstanding client delivery and the most up to date working practice and client services. Toby’s engaging, purpose driven approach and exceptional standards ensure that he always supports and challenges people and teams to be more and do more.


His skills are reflected in his extensive experience operating at executive level in global business, and being a trusted partner to many executives at FTSE 100's in recognised international industry. For Toby, everyone deserves the chance to be in an extraordinary team where they get the satisfaction of being their best and doing their best work. 

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Toby Bassford, Founder and Managing Director at Tillon
Russell Soden, Director at Tillon

Russell Soden 

Russell has over 30 years international business experience in brands marketing, business development and manufacturing within the food, beverage, hospitality, agency, financial and pharmaceutical sectors. Starting his career in FMCG marketing, Russell worked on major TV advertising brands including Miller Lite, John Smiths and Kronenberg. He has held senior management positions in the Corporate, SME and within self owned business. 

He is responsible for Tillon's business development, alongside running Executive Coaching engagement and delivering strategic client programme initiatives. 

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We are proud of our Delivery Team

Our delivery team are carefully selected to make sure we provide the very service to our partners. They have a diverse and deep commercial experience so we can serve you well. 

Richard Webb, Associate at Tillon

Rich Webb

Operational Model & Org Design Specialist

Rich is our performance ninja for organisations. With years of experience operating as COO in various industries, he has learned the importance of creating simple, sustainable and scalable ways of working.


He sees the simple in the midst of the complex, and then has the methodical approach to ensure things get done right. Whether it is partnering with CEO’s designing companywide operational strategy, or coaching teams to find their sweet spot of productivity, people are always amazed by what’s possible when they build consistency and discipline to the way they work.

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Mike Opendahl, Associate at Tillon

Mike Opendahl

Head of APAC

Mike is relentless in pushing for teams to be their best. He doesn’t stop until a team has reached its highest and best performance. He has a rich and deep experience working at exec levels in organisations - particularly on the Go To Market side.


Honest, direct and deeply perceptive, he thrives in seeing himself as a partner to the success of every team he works with, and won’t stop until the team gets there.

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GiANT Technology Product

GiANT is our preferred technology provider to support the effective development of leaders and teams. 

Start your journey today...

If you want your best leaders and teams to get even better, let’s talk. We can help you achieve that.

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